Scranton Times-Tribune Statement below

Senate Bill 76 Champion

Together, we WILL eliminate School District Property Taxes.  

Senator John Blake VOTED NO to Eliminating School Property Taxes

Scranton Times-tribune Statement

Fake news reporting on Sid Michaels Seat


Sid Michaels was a good man who represented our community with pride, honor and respect. Yesterday, I received a call from The Scranton Times-Tribune asking if I was interested in running for the vacant seat in the 114th district.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am looking forward to becoming your next State Senator for the 22nd District. The Scranton Times-Tribune is being careless with the truth. I am not interested nor will I be interested in the 114th District vacant seat. Shame on the Scranton Times-Tribune for reporting FAKE NEWS!

Each of you can make a difference on election day. Please get out and vote!


I will always remember where I came from and the people that elected me.  

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I am here to tell you YES WE CAN!!  ELIMINATE PROPERTY TAXES in PENNSYLVANIA! We now have solid legislation supported by both parties...just because Senator John Blake reneged  and the Scranton TImes doesn't support SB 76,  We The People do!!

The answers to senate bill 76

Beauty in NEPA, Nature and its preservation

The Lackawanna RIver is much healthier...and there is more to do.  I support the Lackawanna Heritage Valley trail system.


How about that PA TURNPIKE!

The PA TURNPIKE overcharges each vehicle and then siphons off $450 million dollars, $6 billion dollars to date, for non turnpike projects in other state agencies.  This is wrong, and legislators should be honest about their spending through surreptitious avenues that are unreported.  These charges result in higher grocery and transportation costs in everything.

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Commentary on the MidTerm elections

I speak to WBRE 28 reporter Morgan Parish...common sense for both parties.

WBRE 28 Repulbican reply video

After hours & weekend activities

There's much to see here. I want to share some of what my family does and for you to enjoy.  We are blessed to live in NEPA and America, so share the love!

SCCA Weatherly hillclimb haf jag 68 xke

MORE FAMILY FUN OUTDOORS...with my son Frank and his buddy!

This is truly a great and fun filled action packed spur of the moment ride.  It shows the lighter and better sides of all of our families lives.  I hope you enjoy the outdoors and nature as much as we do!


The Platform

Serving The Community

I have been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.  WIth my 35 years of corporate management, right through my current venture as CEO of Scavo Investment Properties, We are All in this Together!  10 years of being elected to serve on the Old Forge School Board has shown that even the most frugal cannot beat the forces in Harrisburg that send the tax increases to your 9 member School Boards.

United By A Common Goal

We all know our families budgets never get a break.  From creating jobs for our kids to helping remove the burden of property taxes from Seniors, Hard working families, and also the small business people and even big companies... Help me help you.

Get Involved

Lets talk!  Schedule a meet and greet or a neighborhood coffee with me and your family and friends.  We will have good times and good conversations.  At your home, at your business or anywhere else...even your family picnic or cookout.  Your candidate can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Join The Team

After you view our content, and should you decide that you like and agree with us, please sign up to receive updates from the candidate on the trail! This race is for you, the people. We are up against the Establishment and BIG Money. But no amount of Special interest donations can beat a grassroots campaign. our Grass Roots campaign.